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A thing about learning by copying


It’s usually a very good idea to analyze art. I often do that myself for the purpose of learning, but I never copy it. I’ve never done that, even when I was a beginner. Of course you can learn much about the color, perspective and composition from watching other people’s work, but copying it is […]

How I deal with designer’s block


For a long time I’ve been blaming myself for having frequent designer’s blocks. And I still do, sometimes. For not having brilliant ideas, for having to look for inspiration elsewhere than my own brain and knowledge, for wasting a lot of time doing nothing creative (oh believe me, I can raise procrastination to a form […]

10 drawing tips for beginners


I’ve come across such questions on dA forums and chatrooms so many times, so I’ve decided to write some short tips for beginners, instead of answering the questions every time. At first, some theory. Drawing is basically a piece of art that opeartes with a tone value, not with colour. It means, that not only […]