How to make a portfolio with WordPress


There are two main methods, that I’ve tested so far. They depend on if you want to have a blog (like this journal) within your portfolio or not.

Portfolio without a blog

This one is easier. You simply post new designs as blog entries (Posts), divide them into your regular blog categories, and make a few static Pages with your CV or contact information.

You can also create a home page (in index.php) that features image thumbnails that lead to each posts. In order to do that you have to place the link to the thumbnail for each post in the Excerpt field in your admin panel, and change the <?php the_content; ?> into <?php the_excerpt; ?> in your index.php template.

Portfolio with a blog

This one is trickier. You need to save your posts for journal entries, which means that you have to put all your portfolio content into static Pages. This method has many disadvantages:

You have to decide what to do with nested pages, how to display them, will the dropdown menu be essential (but beware, some people hate dropdown menus), how to make the thing readable and intuitive.

You need a home page, whether it’s a static page or the index.php. You can, of course, make the journal or the information about you your home page, but this would be a waste of precious space that may show your best or recent work.

Some plugins and articles that may be useful for this purpose:

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