Comic book


I’m currently working on a personal project, which is a graphic novel. This means, I have been learning a new skill – comic book style drawing.

It’s been pretty hard so far: I’m used to drawing human body in details, on a 70x100cm sheet of paper or even twice that. And now I have to think in terms of synthesis. I have to simplify more and more, make things cleaner. And I don’t have a live model as I used to back in the academy times. And every time I sketch something, I must switch the way of thinking, seeing and understanding. And remember that what I’m doing is not showing reality, it’s creating an interpretation of it.

Also, I’m used to generous pencil strokes, and this is all about precision. Another skill I’ve yet to learn.

I don’t have many acceptable sketches for now (and I’ve abused a lot of paper so far, believe me), but this one is different than all the previous ones. It’s a line between the two modes of drawing, when I was drawing it I understood how some details work and what I should do about it. It may not be perfect, I admit, but I am getting somewhere here.


2 Responses to “Comic book”

  1. Archie Says:

    Nice one. Will it be about vampires?

  2. admin Says:

    No, but close. Urban fantasy, in general. And I’m not saying anything else :P

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