About me

I’ve been interested in “pretty pictures” since I was a child. Somewhere along the way, pretty pictures were replaced by visual arts.

I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw (Poland), where I’ve learnt about colour, composition, form and various drawing, painting and printing techniques. After graduation, I’ve become interested in photography, and discovered it as another means of expression. In the meantime, the Internet became the most popular medium for artists, so I’ve learnt to create websites and online galleries. Since then, I’ve worked as a freelance print and web designer, worked in both commercial and non-profit projects.

In December 2008 I’ve moved to Dublin, Ireland, where I’m looking for a full time job, while working as a freelancer in the meantime.

Along the visual arts, I’ve been a singer since I was about fifteen, choosing Irish and Scottish traditional and American folk music as my main repertoire. I’ve been giving occasional concerts now and then with my band in Poland, and released an album, “Mary And The Soldier” in  August 2007.

photo (c) Cezar Matkowski 2009

photo (c) Cezar Matkowski 2009